Kitchen Design Trends [2023]

The world of kitchen design has seen remarkable evolution over the past few decades. From purely functional and practical to stylish and modern. Kitchens have become the central hub of any home and a place for friends and family to gather to create cherished memories. As we are now halfway through 2023, we look at some of the trends which are shaping the landscape of kitchen design in 2023. 

1. Keeping Things Calm with Minimalism

In our fast-paced lives, the allure of minimalism is ever-increasing. More homeowners are now opting for hidden storage solutions, pull-out pantries, and other organisational features to keep their kitchens efficient, uncluttered, and visually calming. Characterised by sleek lines, neutral colours, and a lack of ornate details, minimalism offers a sense of tranquillity that resonates in our busy lives.

Newly built kitchen highlighting minimalism as a kitchen design trend in 2023

2. Open Concept Retains its Popularity

An open-plan kitchen continues its popularity in 2023. Seamlessly integrated with other living areas like dining and living rooms, the open concept creates a spacious yet inviting atmosphere. It fosters better interactions with friends and family while cooking and entertaining simultaneously. An open-plan kitchen lends itself to customisation as it can fit various styles and harmonize with your home’s overall aesthetic.

Newly built kitchen highlighting open plan concept as a kitchen design trend in 2023

3. Statement Lighting

Statement lighting is gaining traction as a means to add interest and personality to kitchen designs. By incorporating sophisticated and distinctive lighting fixtures like pendant lights or chandeliers, kitchens receive both functional task lighting and eye-catching design elements. Statement lighting sets the tone and mood of the kitchen while reflecting personal style and flair.

Newly built kitchen highlighting statement lighting as a kitchen design trend in 2023

4. Bold Colours Are Back

After years of neutral and white colour dominance, many new kitchens are embracing vibrant colours once again. Bold shades like emerald green, navy blue, and sunshine yellow are making bold statements through cabinets, backsplashes, countertops, and walls. The key to achieving balance lies in pairing these lively colours with neutral tones like white, grey, or beige to prevent the space from becoming overwhelming. For an added touch of luxury, consider incorporating metallic accents like copper or brass.

Newly built kitchen highlighting bold colours as a kitchen design trend in 2023

5. Muted Countertops Complement Bold Cabinet Fronts

In line with the surge of bold cabinet fronts, muted countertops are gaining popularity in 2023. Soft shades and honed finishes are replacing bold stone patterns and dark granite. Non-porous materials like Quartz and sintered stone offer stain resistance, easy maintenance, and a natural feel that complements the bold colours. These countertops not only enhance the organic ambience but also stand up to the demands of everyday use.

Newly built kitchen highlighting muted countertops as a kitchen design trend in 2023

6. Supplementary Areas for Functionality

Modern homes require functional and efficient kitchen spaces, leading to the rise of secondary kitchen areas. Butler pantries and laundry rooms are among the most popular, providing additional storage and workspace while separating tasks like food preparation, cooking, and cleaning. This trend not only improves organisation but also boosts the overall value and comfort of your home.

7. Large Stone Features Up the Intrigue

Homeowners aiming for sophistication and luxury are turning to large stone slabs with dramatic veining or unique patterns. Granite, marble, or quartz slabs are used for countertops, backsplashes, island worktops, or even walls, creating a striking focal point in the kitchen.

Newly built kitchen highlighting large stone features as a kitchen design trend in 2023

8. Sustainability is a Responsibility

Incorporating sustainability into kitchen design has become a crucial aspect for environmentally-conscious homeowners. Opting for energy-efficient appliances, eco-friendly materials, and durable solutions aligns with creating a stylish and responsible kitchen in 2023.

Kitchen design trends continue to evolve, reflecting changes in lifestyle, technology, and environmental awareness. From the revival of bold colours and open-concept spaces to the emphasis on functionality and sustainability, there’s an array of design options to choose from. When designing your kitchen, it’s essential to consider your lifestyle, personal taste, functionality, durability, and sustainability. Partnering with Häcker Kitchens New Zealand ensures that your kitchen will meet your specific needs and wants while creating a timeless design that you’ll love for years to come. Book a free design consultation with our design experts today!

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